Monday, October 13, 2008

The one dollar coins.

I found these little gems a couple of weeks ago when I was cleaning out my purse and wallet. I don't ever use change just because it takes way too long to get the exact amount out. So I always just save it and put it in a jug then either give it away or deposit it, because it all adds up. Well..I dumped out the change that I had in my wallet and saw these sparkling and shining things staring me right in the face. They are one dollar coins that someone at a register accidentally gave me mistaking them for quarters. I think it happened last month at Rock the Universe, because that's what most of my change was from. I just thought it was cool though. I cam across them again today when I was cleaning my room.


Electroluminescence. said...

sweet! extra coinage!

i wish iw as reading brave new world.... i have to read SUPER lame books for my politics and literature class and i am two and a half books behind ... ughhhh.
i don't know what i am going to do in class tomorrow!

kathryn said...

are dollar coins not popular there, hon? We have had dollar and two-dollar coins for years now. . we all them "loonies" (picture of a loon on the dollar coin) and gosh, on 'toonies' (named for two, as in 'two dollars'. . there are different animal pics (polar bears and such)