Wednesday, October 1, 2008


This is a rifle. It's Nikole's rifle. Rifle has always been and probably always will be my favorite thing to spin. I enjoy flag, because you can make things look pretty with it, but in my opinion it is way too easy for me. I could definitely improve upon somethings, but rifle gives me a challenge that flag doesn't. Sabre...well, I was never taught how to correctly spin a sabre so I basically taught myself. I get the basic point of it, but since I don't quite know how to correctly spin it it's not favorite.
Tonight I practiced with a competitive colorguard team called 27th Parallel. I thought I was good at PSLHS, but these people...WOW! They are good. I definitely kept up and I really surprised myself with how well I did. Especially for not spinning at all for over a year. I did really well with flag, then we did rifle. I did pretty well, but I definitely got a run for my money. I kept up to the best of my ability, which is all that really matters to me. I know that with practice i'll be able to keep up even better than I did today. It was just so refreshing to be able to spin again and spin with people that are actually on pretty much the same level as I am. I can't wait for the 15th!