Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Oath.

In my minor break from e-mail, facebook, myspace, message boards, blogging, youtube etc. for I have no idea how long, I am trying to spend more time with God, family, friends, reading, spending time outside. Generally just doing things that time on the internet hinders me from. So I check my stuff in the morning, MAYBE in the afternoon and at night before I go to bed. That is a huge cut back for me, which when I look at it, it absolutely horrendous. I just started this yesterday and am praying that when I am done that it really will have great effect on me in the end. With all honesty it doesn't make me happy that I spend as much time as I do with my face in front of a computer screen. I hate sitting around my house doing nothing all the time. I like being active and feeling accomplished. So today, while it was so busy that I couldn't do school work, I did accomplish and conquer this book this evening. I had been reading it since February on and off. Such a good book! I recommend it. I would write more, but the sleep monster just hit me and bed is calling my name.