Saturday, November 15, 2008

Beauty from pain.

Tonight we held a surprise birthday party for a lady at my church named Susan. It was a whirlwind of different things. It was fun, as you can see above, it was emotional, but in the end the only word I can use to describe it is beautiful. This woman is so inspirational. She is battling cancer and is a true role model. She constantly has a glowing smile on her face that can light up a whole room. Her radiance just rubs off on you, and when I see her smiling she literally makes my day better. She sits in the very front row in church on Sunday's and is always praising the Lord with all that she has. We went around the room tonight and told her why our lives are better with her in them. I didn't talk, because everyone around the room said all that I wanted to say. Throughout all of this, I couldn't help but to think of two people that are very dear to my heart. My grandma being one of them and Ron being the other. This morning I got news that Ron wasn't doing well at all and that he was being taken off of chemo and starting care with hospice. It literally broke my heart for Ron, Lori and their young son, Ben. I've met all three of them, and they are all so very sweet. Not only that, but I know the pain right after being notified that there will no longer be any treatment to try and kill this wretched thing known as cancer. I was there when my mom got the call from my Grandpa back on August 19th, 2008. I watched it tear my mom's insides up and sat there fearful, because my mom was breaking in two. I sat there not knowing how to handle my emotions. I was scared, worried, sad...I didn't know how to handle it. So I sat in my room completely numb. I believe that I have been numb up until today. Trying to ignore the fact that my Grandma is dying. Hoping that she will be here to see me get married one day. But I know that she won't be. My Grandma means so much to me and she is a total inspiration to me, too. I know that once she leaves this earth and goes to live with Jesus Christ, along with Susan and Ron that they will be in paradise. Living with their King. No longer suffering and in pain. While the ones they left behind may be suffering in their wake, we still have the hope of Jesus Christ. We know where we are going in the end. Jesus will be holding us in the palm of his hand comforting us the whole way. We can get through this. We all can.


Gina said...

My heart echos your words.