Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jason and Ryan.

Well, I obviously ended up going to the concert and it was great! Kelli and I enjoyed time talking over Subway for dinner and it became very very clear why the weekends events had come together. We had a moment before the conversation ended where we were both very near tears. We both knew it, but we also knew that the Holy Spirit was sitting right there with us at our small booth in a Subway. It was a very special moment, indeed.

The concert was the WayFM tour with Jason Gray, Matthew West and Sanctus Real. It was a very very nice line-up and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It just so happened that my friend Gina's brother, Ryan, was there that night with a friend of his and another friend named Alice was there. It was nice to see friends that you don't see on a regular basis. It was the icing on the cake. Honestly though, I have never ever worshipped like I did that night. I always feel like I am holding something back. Like God is tugging at me and tell me to just let go, but I can't. It was so freeing to just be able to worship Jesus and not have to fight anything. It was beautiful.


Gina: said...

Yay! My brother made it into TWO blogs tonight!

I am praising God over this post... and so grateful that you were able to worship Him without restraint!!