Sunday, December 28, 2008

Busy day!

Today I was not home at all! I spent the whole day with Keturah and her cousin, Gina. After church we went to lunch with Keturah's family, then we zoomed off to the mall for about two and a half hours, then we went to Tropical smoothie and sat there for almost an hour. We talked, laughed, basically just had a good time. Then we went to Keturah's house and hung out for a bit, then Gina had to leave to head back home. So Keturah and I went to pick up dinner for her family. We ate dinner, then went to wal-mart to get stuff for Keturah's trip back to Texas on Thursday. That's right...she's leaving again for another five and a half months. It's crazy! I can't believe how fast this month and a half has gone by since she's been back home, and now she's already leaving again. I know i'll be fine, though. Yeah, I'll miss her, but I know what it's going to be like this time and I know what to expect while she's gone. Things will only change if I allow them to change. I just wish more people understood that..